The Book

LONG TERM PARKING, Mike Kearby’s original novel, is now available online!
Boston Nightly, Chel, Marlene, Tommy, the Kid and the whole gang will kill you with laughter.
Long Term Parking Novel “I read the first chapter introducing the rogue detective, Boston Nightly, and immediately downloaded the rest of the novel for a fun poolside read. Kearby puts a gritty new spin on meeting St. Peter at the pearly gates. Heaven seems to be as grungy as the streets of Manhattan in the 80s, and his personal bartender/greeter, Tom Gallo, offers up a slightly disturbing, yet logical, philosophy on the inner-workings of the afterlife. Long Term Parking spares no one’s feelings about life, death or sex and does so in a entertaining noir-type parody that hasn’t been attempted in decades.” – Danielle Hartman

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