ComicPalooza Brandon Gallagher
Reprinted from Hollywood Movie Times

Robyn Washington, Hollywood Movie Times

Before the world premiere of Paul Bright’s comedy Long Term Parking on May 23rd we wanted to catch Brandon Gallagher, who plays Mickey, the hapless stoner in the film. We expect he’ll be surrounded by teenage girls anxious to meet him at the ComicPalooza Theater in Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center. We thought it best to get to know him before his fan club rips his shirt off.

RW: Tell me about your character in Long Term Parking.

BG: Mickey is kind of a bum working a dead end job at a storage unit.  Don’t get me wrong: I believe there’s much more to Mickey and his life beyond the walls of the storage facility. Judging  from his wardrobe, I believe he wants to ultimately graduate to beach bum once he finds his way to the coast.

RW: What was your first thought when you read the script?

BG: Oh my god! It’s like a messed up adult version of All Dogs Go To Heaven.

RW: That’s part of the appeal of Mike Kearby’s novel which generated the movie adaptation. Fortunately you don’t see any of the film’s twists coming.

BG: It’s an awesome script. I heard there’s talk of a sequel, and Mickey is supposed to be playing a pretty big role in it. At least that’s what I heard.

RW: We’ll keep our fingers crossed. What was filming like?

BG: Cold and wet. In the film it’s summer in Fort Worth and I’m wearing a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts. We filmed outside during a winter thunderstorm. My scenes were actually shot the last day of production. The director (Paul Bright) postponed the shoot multiple days because of bad weather. Finally we just had to do it.

RW: I heard the production weather started out sweltering hot and then turned into an ice storm.

BG: Welcome to Texas. We love it here.

RW: A lot of movies are shot in central Texas.

BG: Because of the weather. And also because of the talent. I’ll do whatever it takes to get the movie made.

RW: You played a stoner.

BG: Well, I don’t want to label myself a method actor, but the night before I pulled an all-nighter, squinted my eyes and went for it.

RW: This movie had to be fun to make.

BG: I could tell Paul was going to be be a really fun and creative guy to work with. We joked around a lot between takes. I almost forgot how cold it was. Almost.


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